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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Meadowlark Farm

On a beautiful summer day, we set out to Meadowlark Farm to pick our own peaches.  This place is lovely.  If you are in the area this is a must see must do!  I have to say it was so calming to spend a couple of hours here - checking out their farm store, watching kids play on the playground, visiting the sweet goats, walking through the orchard, and picking peaches.  

How cute is this farm store?!



We were greeted by nice and helpful people too!  
Always makes for an even greater experience.

This was a hit!

And so was this!

Here we go!

He said, "I picked the perfect peach!"

 She found a heart shape on her peach!

This picture says it all!  Absolutely delicious.  We also purchased sweet corn on the cob and popcorn too. We loved everything and can't wait to go back for more!  This was such a great experience for the kids.  Click here on Meadowlark Farm to check out their website.  Click here to check out their Facebook page.  If you haven't visited their orchard yet and you are in the area...seriously...what are you waiting for?!   

Friday, June 24, 2016

Camping Trip

Here are some highlights from our camping trip to Fall River Lake. It was great to be out in nature and to have some good quality family time.

Three eager campers waiting to begin their adventure.  I didn't have time to check what the girls packed, but once we got to the campsite, I was relieved at how well they did.  The little one, however, packed pirate figurines, winter pajamas and ten pairs of socks!  So glad I took a peek before we took off.
It doesn't get better than a beautiful sunrise to start off your first full day of camping!

This bug spray was wonderful!  I highly recommend US Organic Nature for Nature Insect Repellent Organic Anti Bug Spray.  It worked great for us plus it is DEET free!

Writing in their journals under a shady tree.  
Temperatures got up to 100 degrees!

Walking along the rocky beach.

She actually helped out this little fish.  She happened to be sitting on a rock when the fish jumped out of the water and landed up on the rocks. We quickly snapped the photo and she put him safely back into the water.

She found her favorite stick and it went with her everywhere she went.  She called it a Yoda stick.

He found his but couldn't quite pull it out of the ground.  
He kept saying 'Sword in the Stone' as he pulled with all of his might.

Grandpa even found his stick.

Rock climbing (sort of).

Swimming in the lake.

Playing in the dirt.

Shish kebabs, green beans, and broccoli.

Of course, we roasted marshmallows too.

 Sitting around the campfire!

A beautiful sunset to end the day!  It was a good experience for the kids.  Next time we bring a cornhole game with us, go on a scavenger hunt and sing campfire songs.  I can't believe we forgot to sing songs!